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Reasons to sign up to the free trial?
- its Free !! (for 30 days)
- product evaluation
- ask us questions
- find out about MAVIS Web Analysis

features include :
- Customised Service lists
- Simple or Detailed data collection
- Web Analysis
- Gender, Age, Ethnicity

We can design the data collection to your requirements.
You may find the data collected by the online interaction tool is not what your organisation needs.

We can build your organisation its own CUSTOMISED data collection tool. Contact us for details
Welcome to the Mavis Network
Latest News : Web Avoidable Contact

We have completed work on the Web Analysis module to speed up processing times and increase accuracy of reports.

What can MAVIS do for you?

- Log all customer contact across your organisation
- Create a web plan to trace the source of avoidable contacts
- Give an instant NI14 figure between any two given dates
- Site or Group statistics

If you are interested in a 30 day trial run then please follow the link to the left hand side of this page. We will work with you to configure the service list to match your requirements as well as ensuring you capture the data you really want.

MavisNET offers two modules...

1) Mavis. The web based Avoidable Interaction tracker

2) Mavis - Web. Web Analysis tool.

Each module can be purchased seperately

Why Avoidable Interaction?
Government now require Local Authorities to measure National Indicator 14 - Avoidable Contact. As well as reporting your final NI14 score we have also built a comprehensive reporting area to enable the identification of problem areas.